What To Eat To Have A Boy. Alkaline Foods To Have A Son

By admin | September 30, 2011

If you are wondering what to eat to have a boy, you may already be aware that eating alkaline foods for a son can be very beneficial.  In family planning, it is inevitable that couples also touch the topic of their personal preferences in their future children’s gender.

Male children tend to be more preferred in some particular cultures and races because they will continue the family name and lines. Among these cultures that prefer male babies over female babies are Chinese and Indian. However, there are a number of other reasons you might want a son, one common one being simple to balance your family.

Due to the growing number of couples who are interested in finding effective methods and techniques that will help them get the gender they prefer for their kid, a number of research studies regarding the topic has also been developed. It might surprise some people, but one of these studies has resulted to a list of diet plans that will guarantee you your baby boy! For women who wonder what to eat to have a boy, take note of the following diet plans and food items.

What To Eat To Have A Boy

The more alkaline (or the less acidic substances) there is in your cervical mucus pH, the more chances of you getting a baby boy when your egg is fertilized. The secret is in lowering the acidity of your vaginal pH because the Y chromosome sperm, which is the type of sperm that, when combined with the egg, will produce a XY (boy) child, cannot live long in an acidic environment. In order to do this, a woman should avoid dairy products. Other recommended foods to have a son for women also include high alkaline foods like fresh vegetables—carrots, cabbages, lettuce, and spinach. A recent British study also confirms that among 700 first time mothers, majority of those who conceived a baby boy were those who eat a lot during their pregnancy. In other words, eat at least your recommended calorific intake for your height and you increase your chances of having a boy.

Doctors also recommend to women who wonder what to eat to have a boy that they eat a good breakfast daily, for recent studies have also confirmed that women who eat little or skip breakfast during pregnancy tend to produce female babies. This tip seems natural since boys, even the baby ones, eat more than girls but I guess this is an observation rather than a fact! Peculiar as it may seem, the amount of food a woman takes during pregnancy could determine the gender of your baby.

One should also avoid acidic food like majority of fruits, yogurt, most meats, and whole grain. However, orange juice, which is not as acidic as everyone thinks, and watermelon are exceptions to the fruit rule since they give off very high alkaline levels. It is also said that foods to have a son are high in potassium and magnesium.

The best way to achieve great results is by combining your diet full of foods to have a son with proper timing. While continuously taking alkaline foods, it is best that you buy a pH testing kit in order for you to see the day when you have the lowest acidity levels. The more base your pH level is, the more chances of you getting pregnant with a baby boy. With proper food and diet planning, timing, and a low vaginal acidity pH, you have the best chances to conceive a baby boy which is what you and your husband desire.


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