How to Have a Boy Instead of a Girl

By admin | October 20, 2011

More and more couples are now able to choose the gender of their next child because of the extensive options of both natural and hi-tech methods that help in the conception of a couple’s preferred baby gender. Surprisingly, there are actually techniques that answer the questions of how to have a boy instead of a girl when conceiving. There are various options for couples to try if they want to know what they should do to have a son.  Among them are dietary considerations for women which will help create a better meeting environment for the female’s egg and the male Y chromosome sperm, ovulation tracking that will determine the best time for couple to have intercourse, and sexual positions that will help in the sperm’s travel to meet the egg.

For many couples, the desire to have a son is very often due to a simple reason-the wish to balance out a family which is dominated by girls.  However, there are other cultural reasons too why couples might opt for a boy.  For example,  in countries like China where every family is only allowed to have one child, couples often prefer to have a male child over a female child. This has also been true in various other countries, especially since male children carry the family name and ensure the continuity of the family’s blood line. In a world that’s dominated by male power figures, it is not surprising that so many cultures prefer to have male children. For a couple who is wondering how to have a boy instead of a girl, artificial means of gender selection could be a way to go in certain countries.  However, artificial means could be very expensive and not every family could afford them.

How to Have a Boy Instead of a Girl Tips

First among the considerations on how to have a boy instead of a girl, is ovulation tracking and intercourse timing. Couples must be able to track the ovulation of the wife through ovulation tracking kits in order for them to know the perfect time to have sex. If timing is right, the sperm will be able to fertilize the egg in just the right place. X chromosome sperms that produce female offspring when combined with the female egg last longer and are far less quick than Y chromosome sperms that produce male chromosome. However, Y chromosome sperms actually are able to fertilize eggs easier. In this instance, the best time for intercourse is at the peak or immediately after female ovulation.

The second thing to consider is the sexual position used during intercourse. Since the Y chromosome bearing sperm can swim faster but also die sooner, the male should be ejaculate inside the woman’s vagina at an angle that will shoot the sperm easiest to the location of the egg. How to have a boy instead of a girl highly depends on the sexual position utilized by a couple during intercourse. The best way to achieve this is by using a pillow to lever the female’s hips during sex in order to create a ‘shooting effect’ when the man ejaculates.

The last thing to consider if a couple wants to have a boy instead of a girl is the health of the female. The wife should avoid taking in foods that are highly acidic for it may disrupt the conceiving environment best fit for a baby boy.

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