How to Guarantee a Boy Baby

By admin | March 4, 2012

When looking at how to guarantee a boy baby, there are certain tips you can apply which may tips the odds in favor of this desire.  Many women have been methodically planning their families for years.  They have, in their minds, the quantity and the gender of their crew but often once the establishment of a family begins, the composition is rarely what is has been planned.  Of course, the mental and emotional adjustments are made to help embrace the structure of the family but there may always be some strong desires for a particular gender.

Many men and women hold out hope for a little boy – whatever the reasons behind the desire, when trying to conceive, they search for a way to guarantee a baby boy.  And while people say there are no guarantees in the gender of a child, there are definitely some scientific thoughts about narrowing the margin to guarantee a baby boy

There are many schools of thought about how to guarantee a baby boy; the Chinese have a calendar that is devoted to securing the gender of your choice.  There is also the more invasive and less natural way of guaranteeing the gender, by what is called sperm spinning.  While this method is costly, the guarantees of guaranteeing that baby boy are more plausible.

There are other evidences of increasing the chance of having a boy, by increasing the alkaline environment in the vagina. There are also foods that can be added to the diet that are naturally alkaline This is created by a woman’s orgasm which will affect her vaginal PH factor.  It is has also been suggested that sexual position is important in solidifying that baby boy.

How To Guarantee A Boy Baby By Understanding Sperm

There is a method that seems natural, as well as realistic, which requires some thought but is much less insidious, and that by understanding the sperm, their make-up and when the best time to attempt conception. The boy verses girl sperm – yes, the battle of the sexes begins at conception.  The theory is, that a male sperm is smaller and lighter and also much faster than a female sperm.  However, the female sperm is stronger, and can survive much longer.  When it comes to trying to guarantee the gender of a baby, understanding this can help to guarantee a baby boy.

By following a women’s cycle, you will need to know when you are ovulating.  The closer you get to those ovulating days, anywhere from 3-5 days; you will want to avoid sex because the female sperm can

live longer and once ovulation occurs.  To conceive a boy, the best time is twenty-four hours to twelve hours prior to ovulation, but no more than twenty-four hours.  If you conceive more than a day or two days before ovulation, you are most likely going to have a girl, because the girl sperm, while slower, lives longer, and will remain alive until there is an egg, and the male sperm has died off.  If you chart your cycle, and can pinpoint the day, you are ovulating, and attempt conception raising the odds of the male gender significantly.  While many think that it is just a fifty/fifty shot of guaranteeing the a boy, based on the above theories, the statistics show that seventy-five percent of people delivered babies that were the gender they were attempting to conceive.

There are a number of science-based ways for use by those wanting to know how to guarantee a boy baby.  Indeed, the method I recommend on this blog (link in the sidebar) suggests a 94% success rate.

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