How To Get A Boy Baby

By admin | April 3, 2012

If you are seeking ways on how to get a boy baby then you might be interested in the comments in this article.

The majority of conceiving couples always wish to know the gender of their baby before giving childbirth. It is also worthy of note that many would like to influence the gender of their child upon conception so they have have a boy or a girl, depending on what they wish for.

It has been currently reported that up to 90 percent of people all over the world are wanting to conceive a boy baby.  However, this needs to be read in context.  In the developed world, there is a preference to have a “mix” of children in a family, with most wanting both boys and girls.

In other parts of the world, this can vary.  In the recent years, some couples prefer a baby girl while boy babies were widely preferred in the past. Certain backward countries have the highest preference for only boys to an extent that they terminate the developing fetus. For this reason, ultrasound gender determination of baby has been banned in these countries to avoid sex selection of the baby. This article provides you some tips to get a boy baby that may be helpful if you are planning to conceive a son.

How To Get A Boy Baby

Pre-conception Diet Preferences

It has been advised over decades to consume a specific pre conception diet to get a boy baby. This method enables to select your baby’s sex according to your choice by ionic equilibrium. The main idea behind this concept is to change your body’s PH level to alkaline level as it favors the fertilization of ovum with male producing sperm. This mechanism works by altering the polarity of the ovum thus influencing the male producing sperm to get attracted to ovum thereby increasing the chances of fertilization. Hence, certain alkaline foods should be consumed by women to create an alkaline environment for those wanting to know how to get a boy baby.

It is advisable for women to consume salty snacks like potato chips and pretzels. In addition, women should consume more amounts of potassium and sodium rich foods to create an alkaline environment in the vagina. The male partner is advised to consume caffeine before intercourse as it boosts the energy levels that can make woman to reach orgasm first thus increasing the chances of boy baby due to creation of alkaline atmosphere in the womb. Therefore, the male partner should take coffee just 15 minutes to 0.5 hour before intercourse. In addition, caffeine boosts the Y-sperm that increases the chances of the ovum to get fertilized by the Y-sperm.

Create An Alkaline Environment

Women seeking to know how to get a boy baby should try to create an alkaline vaginal environment. Home-made douches help and excessive douching should be avoided to prevent vaginal infections. You can increase the vaginal alkalinity with the aid of baking soda douche. You can prepare a baking soda douche by mixing 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of lukewarm water or mineral water. You can use it with a disposable douche by properly rinsing it as many douches available in the market are acidic.

Female Orgasm

During intercourse, the woman should try to have an orgasm first before her male partner. This is because the female orgasm during intercourse promotes more secretion of cervical fluid and increases its alkalinity thus creating a more favorable environment for the faster moving Y-sperm. In addition, it is advised to schedule an intercourse timing on the day of ovulation.

Knowing how to get a boy baby need not be difficult.  Bringing together all the small elements which you can influence can really make a difference to the overall outcome.

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