How To Ensure You Have A Baby Boy

By admin | March 20, 2012

Wondering just how to ensure you have a baby boy?  Well, there are no methods which are 100% guaranteed as even though assisted fertility procedures such as IVF can result in the conception of a boy, there is no guarantee of implantation and a successful pregnancy.  Additionally, such techniques of gender selection simply for personal preference are not permitted in most countries.

At the time of conception the baby’s gender is determined by chromosomes carried within the male’s sperm. Studies have shown that although the female chromosome has a longer life span, yet the male sperm seems to have higher motility. Thus the male sperms can reach the unfertilized eggs faster if planted in at the correct time. The key to determining that is the correct time of ovulation.

How To Ensure You Have A Baby Boy

When considering options and success stories regarding ways to ensure you have a baby boy, the Shettles Method tops the list. Spanning a time frame of twenty five years, many couples have considered this method to pursue in hopes of achieving positive results. The success rate has been pleasantly high with a figure of 75%.

Dr. Shettles bases his method on careful monitoring of certain aspects of conception. He starts off by discussing the importance of determining the time of ovulation. According to his recommendation, the couple should have sex as early as 24 hour prior to ovulation, and no later than 12 hours past ovulation. This time frame optimizes the chances of conceiving a baby boy. If sex is had too far in advance of the ovulation, it would reduce the chances of conceiving a boy. According to his research the time of ovulation in relation to the timing of intercourse is critical in increasing the chances.

Charting the cervical mucus is important to ensure you have a baby boy as right before ovulation, the cervical mucus is both highly watery and elastic. Charting the process in advance allows you to be certain of when you are ovulating. Another feature to observe is the basal body temperature. This can be done by using a BBT thermometer. At the start of your day, before undertaking any activity, read your temperature. During ovulation there will be a spike in body temperature, helping you know the exact time of ovulation. In order to become of the exact time, you will need to start charting well in advance, perhaps even as early as a couple of months.

The third main step in determining the exact time of ovulating is by using ovulation predictor kits. The kit is handy is predicting the release of the Luteinizing Hormone, which acts as a herald to the ovulation process. Testing is recommended twice daily to ensure correct timing. After receiving a positive result for the  LH surge, ovulation will most probably happen 24 hours later.

When considering how to ensure you have a baby boy, other than these prime three methods of calculating the time of ovulation, Dr. Shettles talks about the position. Regarding the position he suggest on a deep penetration with the doggie style position will place the sperm nearer the cervix and give the speedier boy sperm  ahead start as compared to its other counterparts. Orgasms during sex are encouraged in the process of ensuring that you have a baby boy as the vaginal environment becomes more alkaline favoring the boy sperm. As an additional tip, offer a caffeinated drink right before the act of intercourse as it will assist in making the Y sperm more active.

Dr Shettles methods, along with other highly successful techniques are incorporated in the very popular manual, Prince or Princess.  This veritable “Bible” in the world of gender selection focuses on using a number of natural techniques in conjunction with one another to give you the best possible chance of conceiving a son.

For more information on how to ensure you have a baby boy, visit Prince or Princess.

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