Conception Timing For A Boy Baby

By admin | March 13, 2012

For those couples wondering about conception timing for a boy baby, the dates you have intercourse does indeed influence the gender of the child conceived. Having a baby is one of the greatest thrills in a woman’s life and for many woman, although they will not admit it, they do prefer a particular sex.

Most women have imagined their family composition for some time.  Perhaps they have a family that is made up with boys, and then naturally, they will want that next baby to girl and of course, if they are a family comprised of girls, then they will be hoping for that baby boy.  And while the statistics seem to be true that there is just a fifty/fifty chance for either a boy or a girl, there are proven scientific ways to increase the likelihood of giving birth to the sex that you really are hoping to have.  By understanding the best days to conceive a boy, you will naturally increase your odds of blue attire, dinosaurs, cars and blocks – a boy.

There are certain days that are more successful for conceiving boys and by understanding, how sperm travels is a way of understanding what days are more successful when trying to make a boy.  Conception timing for a boy baby should take advantage of the sperm’s characteristics. A female sperm is strong and has the potential to live much longer than a male sperm.  When sex occurs, the sperm are released and the male sperm is aggressive and fast and can reach the destination faster than the female sperm. The male sperm however, is much weaker than the female sperm. The female sperm, on the other hand, is much slower and less aggressive, however, but is also much stronger, and can survive for longer periods than the male sperm.

Conception Timing For A Boy Baby

How does all of that factor into making a boy?  When trying to conceive, male or female, knowing when ovulation is going to begin is key.  However, when you are trying to conceive a particular sex, you need to pinpoint the actual beginning of your ovulation.  If you are trying for a boy, you will want to have sex right at ovulation – it is important to try and pinpoint that day, and there are ovulation kits to help determine that day.  You do not want to have sex a day or two or more prior to your actual ovulation time because the odds of the sex will be a girl.  The female sperm will live for a longer period of time, so if you have sex a few days prior to ovulation, the sperm will live, and upon ovulation, it will attach to the egg, and you will be decorating the nursery in pink. With conception timing for a boy baby, because the male sperm is faster, if you pinpoint your ovulation date, and have intercourse on that day, the odds of having a boy are greatly increased.  Now there is no guarantee, but the scientific method is one that has been proven, and is more or less a natural method.

There is nothing wrong with a desired preference of sexes when thinking about children, and there are many ways of going about to try to get the sex you want, however as long as there is that understanding that there are no guarantees you will be less disappointed.

Conception timing for a boy baby is one of a range of strategies you can use to help you achieve your dream of having a son. Other methods include dietary modification and subtly altering your pH level to guarantee a boy.

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