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By admin | February 20, 2012

In years gone by, couples wanting to conceive with a baby boy would naturally turn towards the woman, assuming that the focus of determining the gender of the baby lay with her.

Indeed, there are many old practices which border on old wives’ tales which were said to help a couple achieve their wish of having a son, but very few of these could ever work in reality.  Some so called “helpful” ideas included sleeping on one side of the bed, the woman sleeping on one side and even taking rather dubious combinations of herbs and old remedies.  Indeed, one practice to conceive with baby boy was to write your wishes down on paper and then put it under the mattress!

Knowledge moved on and it became known that the man influenced the gender of the child by way of the sperm.  However, it was some time before the intricacies of the process were fully understood and it was said that if one testicle was tied up (ouch!) before intercourse, this would prevent the female sperm from fertilizing the egg.

Fortunately, we are now in a position of knowing much more about just how the process works but that does not mean that we can absolutely guarantee having a boy.  However, what we can do is increase the odds significantly in our favor by using a range of strategies, each of which increases the odds slightly but when used together, give you a good chances when wanting to conceive with a baby boy.

The advice I would give is to try to stick with tips which seem to have a basis in scientific fact.  For example, you probably know a little about the characteristics of male sperm, in that it can swim faster than female sperm, yet it is smaller and a little more fragile and does not live as long.  Therefore, tips which exploit these characteristics are logical.

For example:

How To Conceive With A Baby Boy

  • Have intercourse on the day of ovulation. This gives the fast male sperm the chance to get to the waiting egg first
  • Don’t have intercourse a day or two before ovulation as the male sperm will have died off, leaving the more robust female sperm ready and waiting in the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg as soon as it is released
  • The more fragile male sperm are not favored by the conditions within the vagina, which tend to be acidic.  Therefore to conceive with a baby boy, have intercourse in positions which minimize the length of time the sperm spend in the vagina, for example, use positions which encourage deep penetration
  • Consider douching to slightly shift the pH levels of the vagina from acidic to alkaline, as this will favor the more fragile male sperm
  • You can shift your overall pH level by eating certain kinds of food which encourage alkalinity. To have a boy, eat foods such as red meats and salty foods (within recommended healthy guidelines of course)
  • Having an orgasm will help move the sperm quickly through the vagina and towards the fallopian tubes

To conceive with a baby boy, try to incorporate as many tips as possible as by doing this you will give yourselves the best chance.

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