Foods to Eat When You Want a Boy Baby

By admin | May 1, 2012

If you are seeking information on the foods to eat when you want a boy baby, then this article will inform you of the basic principles.  However, it is vital that you do not discount other methods of helping to sway conception favorably towards a boy, as it is no good giving yourself the “perfect” boy diet but ignoring other factors which will influence the gender of your child such as the timing of intercourse and the pH level of the vagina.

A new trend that is gaining popularity is to alter a woman’s dietary intake to determine the gender of the baby. While there is no guarantee that making changes in the choice of certain foods will lead to a definite male or female conception, the probabilities can be accounted as favorable. For those couples who wish for the birth of a boy baby, the women is advised to stick to foods that will have an alkaline effect on the environment of the vagina.

Before you embark on any such diet it is imperative to consult with your doctor. Your health care professional will check your overall health and determine if the diet is right for you. Any allergies or health concerns should be clearly laid out. Along with a professional opinion, you also need to understand the reason behind the choice of certain kinds of foods.

The vaginal environment changes around the time of ovulation and becomes more alkaline. For this reason it is suggested to have intercourse as close as possible to the date of ovulation. This timing proves beneficial to support sperms that carry the Y (boy) chromosome. The Y chromosome is short lived as compared to the X (girl) chromosome and given the right vaginal surroundings, it will have a better chance to fertilize the released egg. The alkaline atmosphere of the vagina is counter productive for the X chromosome and will work in favor of the sperms carrying the male chromosome.

Foods To Eat When You Want A Boy Baby

As far as foods to eat when you want a boy baby are concerned, women who increase their calorie intake have been observed to be more successful in delivering a son. Along with the increase in calories, these women have strictly abided by having breakfast.

While switching to foods that have alkaline properties, you will have to watch your calcium intake. Highly acidic dairy products like yogurt and cheese should be avoided. Almost all vegetables are inclusive in the approved food choices when you want a boy baby. Corn should be absolutely strayed from as it is surprisingly high in calcium content. Other green vegetables as well as tomatoes, carrots and celery are alright to work with. Many fruits can be part of this diet.

While calcium intake should be restricted, sodium intake is to be encouraged. Be wary of any blood pressure issues that you might have. A high sodium diet for those with no blood pressure issues can include foods like deli meats and canned soups. For sodium rich foods options to eat when you want a boy baby, remember to keep your folic acid intake in check. Folic acid is responsible for strengthening the egg as well as prevents any chance of a miscarriage. If you increase your intake of salt, this excess will exhaust the body of folic acid. Make sure to supply an adequate amount of folic acid to the body.

The other nutrient that is high on the list for foods to eat when you want a boy baby is potassium. Breakfast cereals and whole grain foods are highly potassium fortified. Potatoes are a very strong source of potassium.

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Alkaline Foods to Conceive a Boy Baby

By admin | April 24, 2012

Many women wonder if the concept of eating alkaline foods to conceive a boy baby really is one which works.  Research has tried to establish a connection between what a woman eats before conception to the gender of the baby that she conceives.

While it is not guaranteed to determine your baby’s gender, it is possible to sway odds in favor of having a boy baby. Women who ate more calories and always consumed breakfast were observed to have delivered more male babies than female ones. According to research male fetuses thrive promisingly in a nutrient dense setting and breakfast cereals come fortified with multiple nutrients and vitamins.

In addition to the higher number of calories consumed, was also the alkaline nature of the foods eaten. The foods that you eat contribute to the pH balance of the vagina and may assist in influencing the gender of the fetus. The boy diet is based on the theory that alkaline conditions of the vagina promote sperms that carry the Y chromosomes which are responsible for making a boy baby. As a result, foods that have an alkaline effect on the body are encouraged as part of this diet.

Since the Y chromosomes are known to be the weaker of the two kinds, they are unable to survive in a high pH environment. In order to increase the chance of having a boy baby, the woman needs to lower the pH so that the Y chromosome has a better chance of survival and it is thought that consuming alkaline foods to conceive a boy baby can help. Due to the shorter life span of the Y chromosome, it is also advisable to have intercourse closer to the date of ovulation

Alkaline foods to conceive a boy baby will work best with a combination of a high potassium and high sodium diet. Potassium favors sperms while alkaline foods moderate the pH levels. Whole grain breads and cereals come fortified with potassium. Note that too much potassium can cause heart palpitations.

Alkaline Foods To Conceive A Boy Baby

While adding more salt to the diet also ensure to take folic acid supplements as excess salt drains the body of folic acid. Folic aid strengthens the eggs and prevents chances of miscarriage. It is best to use sea salt. This diet is not for those with high blood pressure due to its recommended increase in sodium intake. While trying to add salt safely to your diet, throw in a few servings of high salt pickles. Pickles are a well known pregnancy related craving. Deli lunch meats and canned soup are other foods rich in sodium.

The calcium content should be low in the diet. Highly acidic foods with a high calcium content should be avoided. Eliminate the use of dairies products like yogurt and cheese from the diet. Choose instead form foods like iceberg lettuce that has no calcium. Other low calcium foods include celery, tomatoes, baby carrots, pears and peaches. Potassium rich foods with little calcium include meat with the exception of fish. Potatoes are an excellent source of potassium. Apples, cherries, pineapple and bananas can be eaten.

Alkaline foods include almost all veggies with the exception of corn. Broccoli, cauliflower and pumpkin are other choices to consider.

Supplements can also be considered as part of the diet. Any diet should always be carried out under the supervision of licensed health care professionals.

So, eating alkaline foods to conceive a boy baby can help but it is just one part of the jigsaw puzzle.  It is always a good idea not to just rely on one strategy when trying to get pregnant with a son, so make use of the other ideas on this website, such as the timing of intercourse and the best positions to conceive a boy and consider trying the system I recommend.

Best Positions To Conceive A Boy

By admin | April 10, 2012

Intercourse position makes a difference and using the best positions to conceive a boy can help if you are wanting to have a son.

The majority of the couples know that the conception of boy or a girl is influenced by the intercourse position. Moreover, many research studies have supported this claim that different intercourse positions play vital role in conceiving a baby of your gender choice. In fact, the fertilization of egg by a particular sperm chromosome (either X or Y) determines your baby’s gender.

Every sperm contains either an X chromosome (girl) or a Y chromosome (boy) with different characteristic features. The sperm bearing X chromosome moves slowly, is strongest, has a longer lifespan and survives longer in acidic environment. On the other hand, the sperm bearing Y chromosome swims faster, is weak, has shorter lifespan and is favored by alkaline environment. Hence, if you are willing to conceive a boy then you should select an intercourse position that favors the Y sperm to fertilize the ovum. This article provides an insight about various intercourse positions that increase your chances of conceiving a boy baby.

Best Positions To Conceive A Boy

Doggy style position – This intercourse position places the sperm closer to the ovum thus increasing the chances of fertilization of the ovum with a Y-sperm. This intercourse position permits deeper penetration and it shortens the travelling distance of Y- chromosome bearing sperm to reach the ovum. This position enables the man to have intense orgasms with deeper thrusts thus the sperm get deposited closer to the cervix. According to Shettles method, an ideal time to conceive a boy baby is on the day or a closer day of ovulation. It is advised to have an intercourse within a day prior to ovulation or 12 hours post-ovulation. Moreover, the Y-chromosome bearing sperm seeks an alkaline environment and hence it is advised for women to take food that is rich in sodium. Men can boost the speed of their Y-chromosome bearing sperm by the intake of caffeine just before an intercourse. Hence, combination of all these steps in addition to an intercourse position could work to conceive a male child.

Missionary Position – This is one of the best positions to conceive a boy. This position allows a man to lie on top and experts agree that it offers deeper penetrations thus increasing the chances of fertilization of ovum with a Y- chromosome bearing sperm. During this intercourse, the deeper penetration degree with the woman in lying position permits the sperm deposition closer to the cervical entrance. Moreover, the penetration degree in missionary position determines the gender of your baby.

Over the edge position – This position allows the man to seek pleasure from good penetration. In this position, the woman should lay down on the edge of the bed and the man should penetrate from front in either a kneeling or standing position. The sperm quickly enter the cervical opening due to gravity and this position increases the chances of conceiving a boy baby.

Rear entry position – This intercourse position is considered to be amongst the best positions to conceive a boy. In this position, the woman basically lays on her stomach while her knees are in sitting position. This position enables the man to penetrate deeper and deposit the sperm near to cervix.

Using this list of the best positions to conceive a boy in combination with other protocols, such as the timing of intercourse and douching can help you when wanting to know how to get a boy baby.

How To Get A Boy Baby

By admin | April 3, 2012

If you are seeking ways on how to get a boy baby then you might be interested in the comments in this article.

The majority of conceiving couples always wish to know the gender of their baby before giving childbirth. It is also worthy of note that many would like to influence the gender of their child upon conception so they have have a boy or a girl, depending on what they wish for.

It has been currently reported that up to 90 percent of people all over the world are wanting to conceive a boy baby.  However, this needs to be read in context.  In the developed world, there is a preference to have a “mix” of children in a family, with most wanting both boys and girls.

In other parts of the world, this can vary.  In the recent years, some couples prefer a baby girl while boy babies were widely preferred in the past. Certain backward countries have the highest preference for only boys to an extent that they terminate the developing fetus. For this reason, ultrasound gender determination of baby has been banned in these countries to avoid sex selection of the baby. This article provides you some tips to get a boy baby that may be helpful if you are planning to conceive a son.

How To Get A Boy Baby

Pre-conception Diet Preferences

It has been advised over decades to consume a specific pre conception diet to get a boy baby. This method enables to select your baby’s sex according to your choice by ionic equilibrium. The main idea behind this concept is to change your body’s PH level to alkaline level as it favors the fertilization of ovum with male producing sperm. This mechanism works by altering the polarity of the ovum thus influencing the male producing sperm to get attracted to ovum thereby increasing the chances of fertilization. Hence, certain alkaline foods should be consumed by women to create an alkaline environment for those wanting to know how to get a boy baby.

It is advisable for women to consume salty snacks like potato chips and pretzels. In addition, women should consume more amounts of potassium and sodium rich foods to create an alkaline environment in the vagina. The male partner is advised to consume caffeine before intercourse as it boosts the energy levels that can make woman to reach orgasm first thus increasing the chances of boy baby due to creation of alkaline atmosphere in the womb. Therefore, the male partner should take coffee just 15 minutes to 0.5 hour before intercourse. In addition, caffeine boosts the Y-sperm that increases the chances of the ovum to get fertilized by the Y-sperm.

Create An Alkaline Environment

Women seeking to know how to get a boy baby should try to create an alkaline vaginal environment. Home-made douches help and excessive douching should be avoided to prevent vaginal infections. You can increase the vaginal alkalinity with the aid of baking soda douche. You can prepare a baking soda douche by mixing 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of lukewarm water or mineral water. You can use it with a disposable douche by properly rinsing it as many douches available in the market are acidic.

Female Orgasm

During intercourse, the woman should try to have an orgasm first before her male partner. This is because the female orgasm during intercourse promotes more secretion of cervical fluid and increases its alkalinity thus creating a more favorable environment for the faster moving Y-sperm. In addition, it is advised to schedule an intercourse timing on the day of ovulation.

Knowing how to get a boy baby need not be difficult.  Bringing together all the small elements which you can influence can really make a difference to the overall outcome.

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How To Ensure You Have A Baby Boy

By admin | March 20, 2012

Wondering just how to ensure you have a baby boy?  Well, there are no methods which are 100% guaranteed as even though assisted fertility procedures such as IVF can result in the conception of a boy, there is no guarantee of implantation and a successful pregnancy.  Additionally, such techniques of gender selection simply for personal preference are not permitted in most countries.

At the time of conception the baby’s gender is determined by chromosomes carried within the male’s sperm. Studies have shown that although the female chromosome has a longer life span, yet the male sperm seems to have higher motility. Thus the male sperms can reach the unfertilized eggs faster if planted in at the correct time. The key to determining that is the correct time of ovulation.

How To Ensure You Have A Baby Boy

When considering options and success stories regarding ways to ensure you have a baby boy, the Shettles Method tops the list. Spanning a time frame of twenty five years, many couples have considered this method to pursue in hopes of achieving positive results. The success rate has been pleasantly high with a figure of 75%.

Dr. Shettles bases his method on careful monitoring of certain aspects of conception. He starts off by discussing the importance of determining the time of ovulation. According to his recommendation, the couple should have sex as early as 24 hour prior to ovulation, and no later than 12 hours past ovulation. This time frame optimizes the chances of conceiving a baby boy. If sex is had too far in advance of the ovulation, it would reduce the chances of conceiving a boy. According to his research the time of ovulation in relation to the timing of intercourse is critical in increasing the chances.

Charting the cervical mucus is important to ensure you have a baby boy as right before ovulation, the cervical mucus is both highly watery and elastic. Charting the process in advance allows you to be certain of when you are ovulating. Another feature to observe is the basal body temperature. This can be done by using a BBT thermometer. At the start of your day, before undertaking any activity, read your temperature. During ovulation there will be a spike in body temperature, helping you know the exact time of ovulation. In order to become of the exact time, you will need to start charting well in advance, perhaps even as early as a couple of months.

The third main step in determining the exact time of ovulating is by using ovulation predictor kits. The kit is handy is predicting the release of the Luteinizing Hormone, which acts as a herald to the ovulation process. Testing is recommended twice daily to ensure correct timing. After receiving a positive result for the  LH surge, ovulation will most probably happen 24 hours later.

When considering how to ensure you have a baby boy, other than these prime three methods of calculating the time of ovulation, Dr. Shettles talks about the position. Regarding the position he suggest on a deep penetration with the doggie style position will place the sperm nearer the cervix and give the speedier boy sperm  ahead start as compared to its other counterparts. Orgasms during sex are encouraged in the process of ensuring that you have a baby boy as the vaginal environment becomes more alkaline favoring the boy sperm. As an additional tip, offer a caffeinated drink right before the act of intercourse as it will assist in making the Y sperm more active.

Dr Shettles methods, along with other highly successful techniques are incorporated in the very popular manual, Prince or Princess.  This veritable “Bible” in the world of gender selection focuses on using a number of natural techniques in conjunction with one another to give you the best possible chance of conceiving a son.

For more information on how to ensure you have a baby boy, visit Prince or Princess.

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Conception Timing For A Boy Baby

By admin | March 13, 2012

For those couples wondering about conception timing for a boy baby, the dates you have intercourse does indeed influence the gender of the child conceived. Having a baby is one of the greatest thrills in a woman’s life and for many woman, although they will not admit it, they do prefer a particular sex.

Most women have imagined their family composition for some time.  Perhaps they have a family that is made up with boys, and then naturally, they will want that next baby to girl and of course, if they are a family comprised of girls, then they will be hoping for that baby boy.  And while the statistics seem to be true that there is just a fifty/fifty chance for either a boy or a girl, there are proven scientific ways to increase the likelihood of giving birth to the sex that you really are hoping to have.  By understanding the best days to conceive a boy, you will naturally increase your odds of blue attire, dinosaurs, cars and blocks – a boy.

There are certain days that are more successful for conceiving boys and by understanding, how sperm travels is a way of understanding what days are more successful when trying to make a boy.  Conception timing for a boy baby should take advantage of the sperm’s characteristics. A female sperm is strong and has the potential to live much longer than a male sperm.  When sex occurs, the sperm are released and the male sperm is aggressive and fast and can reach the destination faster than the female sperm. The male sperm however, is much weaker than the female sperm. The female sperm, on the other hand, is much slower and less aggressive, however, but is also much stronger, and can survive for longer periods than the male sperm.

Conception Timing For A Boy Baby

How does all of that factor into making a boy?  When trying to conceive, male or female, knowing when ovulation is going to begin is key.  However, when you are trying to conceive a particular sex, you need to pinpoint the actual beginning of your ovulation.  If you are trying for a boy, you will want to have sex right at ovulation – it is important to try and pinpoint that day, and there are ovulation kits to help determine that day.  You do not want to have sex a day or two or more prior to your actual ovulation time because the odds of the sex will be a girl.  The female sperm will live for a longer period of time, so if you have sex a few days prior to ovulation, the sperm will live, and upon ovulation, it will attach to the egg, and you will be decorating the nursery in pink. With conception timing for a boy baby, because the male sperm is faster, if you pinpoint your ovulation date, and have intercourse on that day, the odds of having a boy are greatly increased.  Now there is no guarantee, but the scientific method is one that has been proven, and is more or less a natural method.

There is nothing wrong with a desired preference of sexes when thinking about children, and there are many ways of going about to try to get the sex you want, however as long as there is that understanding that there are no guarantees you will be less disappointed.

Conception timing for a boy baby is one of a range of strategies you can use to help you achieve your dream of having a son. Other methods include dietary modification and subtly altering your pH level to guarantee a boy.

How to Guarantee a Boy Baby

By admin | March 4, 2012

When looking at how to guarantee a boy baby, there are certain tips you can apply which may tips the odds in favor of this desire.  Many women have been methodically planning their families for years.  They have, in their minds, the quantity and the gender of their crew but often once the establishment of a family begins, the composition is rarely what is has been planned.  Of course, the mental and emotional adjustments are made to help embrace the structure of the family but there may always be some strong desires for a particular gender.

Many men and women hold out hope for a little boy – whatever the reasons behind the desire, when trying to conceive, they search for a way to guarantee a baby boy.  And while people say there are no guarantees in the gender of a child, there are definitely some scientific thoughts about narrowing the margin to guarantee a baby boy

There are many schools of thought about how to guarantee a baby boy; the Chinese have a calendar that is devoted to securing the gender of your choice.  There is also the more invasive and less natural way of guaranteeing the gender, by what is called sperm spinning.  While this method is costly, the guarantees of guaranteeing that baby boy are more plausible.

There are other evidences of increasing the chance of having a boy, by increasing the alkaline environment in the vagina. There are also foods that can be added to the diet that are naturally alkaline This is created by a woman’s orgasm which will affect her vaginal PH factor.  It is has also been suggested that sexual position is important in solidifying that baby boy.

How To Guarantee A Boy Baby By Understanding Sperm

There is a method that seems natural, as well as realistic, which requires some thought but is much less insidious, and that by understanding the sperm, their make-up and when the best time to attempt conception. The boy verses girl sperm – yes, the battle of the sexes begins at conception.  The theory is, that a male sperm is smaller and lighter and also much faster than a female sperm.  However, the female sperm is stronger, and can survive much longer.  When it comes to trying to guarantee the gender of a baby, understanding this can help to guarantee a baby boy.

By following a women’s cycle, you will need to know when you are ovulating.  The closer you get to those ovulating days, anywhere from 3-5 days; you will want to avoid sex because the female sperm can

live longer and once ovulation occurs.  To conceive a boy, the best time is twenty-four hours to twelve hours prior to ovulation, but no more than twenty-four hours.  If you conceive more than a day or two days before ovulation, you are most likely going to have a girl, because the girl sperm, while slower, lives longer, and will remain alive until there is an egg, and the male sperm has died off.  If you chart your cycle, and can pinpoint the day, you are ovulating, and attempt conception raising the odds of the male gender significantly.  While many think that it is just a fifty/fifty shot of guaranteeing the a boy, based on the above theories, the statistics show that seventy-five percent of people delivered babies that were the gender they were attempting to conceive.

There are a number of science-based ways for use by those wanting to know how to guarantee a boy baby.  Indeed, the method I recommend on this blog (link in the sidebar) suggests a 94% success rate.

Learn about the best days to conceive a boy

Best Days to Conceive a Boy

By admin | February 28, 2012

Often, we hear about couples who would like a child of a particular gender and those who would like a son many wonder about the best days to conceive a boy. For some, they may have even gone to the extent of asking for a specific time, specific day, and specific month. But reality is that, what we can actually consider a perfect day to conceive a boy is solely dependent on the ovulation period and fertility cycle of the woman.

A lot of tales and myths have already been told about the best days to conceive a boy. And although these are sometimes old wives’ tales and actually lack any scientific basis, it is worth knowing that these stories can sometimes have a slight grain of truth in them when you scratch beneath the surface and be sources of information on how to get advice in order to conceive a boy.

Some studies have been conducted in order to identify the best days to conceive a boy. Some authors on the subject have suggested that natural gender selection revealed a 95% success rate and this is supported by some scientific evidence. In one of the studies, it has been found out that more boys were conceived in the winter months. Hence, there were a greater number of boys born in the summer. However, it is important for one to realize that these numbers are not all that remarkable, but true, nonetheless.

When Are The Best Days To Conceive A Boy?

So when will be the best days to conceive a boy? Three things should be taken into account in this situation. First of all, consider the intercourse process itself. The union of sperm and egg must be in perfect timing. Before intercourse, make sure that you are actually on your ovulation day or at least engage in sexual intercourse with your partner the day after the ovulation.  Two days before ovulation is not advisable for the reason that the Y sperms are likely to perish before the egg is released. In addition to this, there is a great possibility that the vagina creates an acidic fluid which can be harmful to male sperm under certain circumstances.  Ideally, you want ovulation to be happening or have happened at the time of intercourse and for the sperm to make a speedy journey, thus minimizing damage by the acidic vaginal conditions. If you wish to determine your ovulation period, make use of an ovulation prediction kit instead of becoming too dependent on the calendar method, basal body temperature or your cervical mucous.

Second, ensure a high alkaline or high pH vaginal wall. This is the time when Y sperms are most vulnerable. If you wish to alter your pH, dieting and douching should be done. Eat foods that are rich in potassium and sodium. Examples of these foods are berries, grapes, carrots, potatoes, bananas, salmon, oranges, and apples. After which, through the use of a PH testing strips, you can determine your vaginal wall’s alkalinity.

Third, choose the right sexual position. There are various sexual positions to use to conceive a son.  However, positions that ensure deep penetration are the ones that have the greatest possibility of conceiving a boy. It is through deep penetration that the sperm reaches the egg right after it is release.

If you really wish to have a boy, try considering the suggestions stated, ensuring that intercourse takes place on the day of ovulation or the day after. Knowing the best days to conceive a boy is one part of the jigsaw to guarantee success.

To learn the other pieces of the jigsaw which will enable you to conceive with a baby boy, fill out the form on the sidebar to learn 5 top tips.

Conceive With A Baby Boy

By admin | February 20, 2012

In years gone by, couples wanting to conceive with a baby boy would naturally turn towards the woman, assuming that the focus of determining the gender of the baby lay with her.

Indeed, there are many old practices which border on old wives’ tales which were said to help a couple achieve their wish of having a son, but very few of these could ever work in reality.  Some so called “helpful” ideas included sleeping on one side of the bed, the woman sleeping on one side and even taking rather dubious combinations of herbs and old remedies.  Indeed, one practice to conceive with baby boy was to write your wishes down on paper and then put it under the mattress!

Knowledge moved on and it became known that the man influenced the gender of the child by way of the sperm.  However, it was some time before the intricacies of the process were fully understood and it was said that if one testicle was tied up (ouch!) before intercourse, this would prevent the female sperm from fertilizing the egg.

Fortunately, we are now in a position of knowing much more about just how the process works but that does not mean that we can absolutely guarantee having a boy.  However, what we can do is increase the odds significantly in our favor by using a range of strategies, each of which increases the odds slightly but when used together, give you a good chances when wanting to conceive with a baby boy.

The advice I would give is to try to stick with tips which seem to have a basis in scientific fact.  For example, you probably know a little about the characteristics of male sperm, in that it can swim faster than female sperm, yet it is smaller and a little more fragile and does not live as long.  Therefore, tips which exploit these characteristics are logical.

For example:

How To Conceive With A Baby Boy

  • Have intercourse on the day of ovulation. This gives the fast male sperm the chance to get to the waiting egg first
  • Don’t have intercourse a day or two before ovulation as the male sperm will have died off, leaving the more robust female sperm ready and waiting in the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg as soon as it is released
  • The more fragile male sperm are not favored by the conditions within the vagina, which tend to be acidic.  Therefore to conceive with a baby boy, have intercourse in positions which minimize the length of time the sperm spend in the vagina, for example, use positions which encourage deep penetration
  • Consider douching to slightly shift the pH levels of the vagina from acidic to alkaline, as this will favor the more fragile male sperm
  • You can shift your overall pH level by eating certain kinds of food which encourage alkalinity. To have a boy, eat foods such as red meats and salty foods (within recommended healthy guidelines of course)
  • Having an orgasm will help move the sperm quickly through the vagina and towards the fallopian tubes

To conceive with a baby boy, try to incorporate as many tips as possible as by doing this you will give yourselves the best chance.

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How To Make A Baby Boy Naturally

By admin | January 16, 2012

Much has been written about how to make a baby boy naturally.  Indeed, the whole subject of gender selection is a hot topic and there are many different views on the subject.

Whilst it cannot be denied that there is the somewhat unpalatable side to gender selection, whereby some cultures feel it is only right to produce a son, there are many thousand of couples worldwide who simply want to have what they see as a “balanced” family, whereby they have a child (or children) of each gender.

In some respects, many have a simplistic view that the perfect family is made up of both genders.  Indeed, there are many very happy families which consist of only boys or only girls.  In my case (and the main reason I write about this topic), I wanted one of each-not desperately so, but enough to actually take steps to learn how to make a baby boy naturally, which worked for me.  Now whilst I can’t say whether I would have had a son anyway, I didn’t want to take any chances and did as much as I could without medical intervention.

I just cannot say how thrilled I was when I had a son.  To have my girls and my son really made my world complete and now, years later, I simply cannot believe how happy having a “mix” of children makes me.

So what can you do?

How To Make A Baby Boy

Before you go down the path of looking at the specific steps you need to take to conceive a son, you need to ensure that you and your partner are healthy. To give yourselves the best possible chance of conceiving naturally, begin eating a healthy diet and consider taking special supplements which are ideal for taking prior to trying to conceive.   Also, now is the time to look at fertility detractors, such as smoking and drinking alcohol and to stop these practices immediately.

To make a baby boy, the first step is to ascertain just when you ovulate.  If you have a regular cycle, then this is not too difficult but if your menstrual cycle is irregular, then you will need to consider getting hold of an ovulation predictor kit.  Ovulation happens 14 days prior to the start of your period.  Therefore, if you have a cycle which is 31 days long, you will ovulate on day 17. For a 28 day cycle, ovulation will be on day 14.

Once you know when ovulation is happening each month, this is where the unique characteristics of male sperm take on an added importance.  Male sperm is smaller and much faster moving than female sperm.  However, although these are positive characteristics, the weaknesses with male sperm are that they are short-lived compared to female sperm and are less robust, being more susceptible to environmental factors, such as the pH levels of the vagina.

To have a son, you need to take advantage of these factors, so if you have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible, this will increase your chance of having a son.  If the egg is ready and waiting to be fertilized and it is simply a straightforward “race” to see whether the male or female sperm gets there first, then it is more likely that the male sperm will win.  Conversely, if you have had intercourse a couple of days prior to ovulation, it is very possible that some of the slower, longing lasting female sperm will be hanging around, ready to fertilize the egg when it is released!

Also, when looking for information on how to make a baby boy naturally, do not discount intercourse positions.  Although you might wonder what bearing these will have, if you use positions which favor the depositing of sperm nearer to the cervix, this will give the faster sperm a head start as they do not have to negotiate the vagina, which could potentially prove hostile, if the pH level is too acidic.

You can also include alkaline forming foods in your quest to conceive a son.  For example, almonds, bananas, broccoli and figs will all help to give you the correct pH level when looking at how to make a baby boy naturally.

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