Best Positions To Conceive A Boy

By admin | April 10, 2012

Intercourse position makes a difference and using the best positions to conceive a boy can help if you are wanting to have a son.

The majority of the couples know that the conception of boy or a girl is influenced by the intercourse position. Moreover, many research studies have supported this claim that different intercourse positions play vital role in conceiving a baby of your gender choice. In fact, the fertilization of egg by a particular sperm chromosome (either X or Y) determines your baby’s gender.

Every sperm contains either an X chromosome (girl) or a Y chromosome (boy) with different characteristic features. The sperm bearing X chromosome moves slowly, is strongest, has a longer lifespan and survives longer in acidic environment. On the other hand, the sperm bearing Y chromosome swims faster, is weak, has shorter lifespan and is favored by alkaline environment. Hence, if you are willing to conceive a boy then you should select an intercourse position that favors the Y sperm to fertilize the ovum. This article provides an insight about various intercourse positions that increase your chances of conceiving a boy baby.

Best Positions To Conceive A Boy

Doggy style position – This intercourse position places the sperm closer to the ovum thus increasing the chances of fertilization of the ovum with a Y-sperm. This intercourse position permits deeper penetration and it shortens the travelling distance of Y- chromosome bearing sperm to reach the ovum. This position enables the man to have intense orgasms with deeper thrusts thus the sperm get deposited closer to the cervix. According to Shettles method, an ideal time to conceive a boy baby is on the day or a closer day of ovulation. It is advised to have an intercourse within a day prior to ovulation or 12 hours post-ovulation. Moreover, the Y-chromosome bearing sperm seeks an alkaline environment and hence it is advised for women to take food that is rich in sodium. Men can boost the speed of their Y-chromosome bearing sperm by the intake of caffeine just before an intercourse. Hence, combination of all these steps in addition to an intercourse position could work to conceive a male child.

Missionary Position – This is one of the best positions to conceive a boy. This position allows a man to lie on top and experts agree that it offers deeper penetrations thus increasing the chances of fertilization of ovum with a Y- chromosome bearing sperm. During this intercourse, the deeper penetration degree with the woman in lying position permits the sperm deposition closer to the cervical entrance. Moreover, the penetration degree in missionary position determines the gender of your baby.

Over the edge position – This position allows the man to seek pleasure from good penetration. In this position, the woman should lay down on the edge of the bed and the man should penetrate from front in either a kneeling or standing position. The sperm quickly enter the cervical opening due to gravity and this position increases the chances of conceiving a boy baby.

Rear entry position – This intercourse position is considered to be amongst the best positions to conceive a boy. In this position, the woman basically lays on her stomach while her knees are in sitting position. This position enables the man to penetrate deeper and deposit the sperm near to cervix.

Using this list of the best positions to conceive a boy in combination with other protocols, such as the timing of intercourse and douching can help you when wanting to know how to get a boy baby.

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