How To Conceive A Baby Boy

If you would like to know how to conceive a baby boy, then there are a number of hints and tips which you can try which have a basis of scientific fact. You should certainly be very wary of information which is based on old wives tales and Chinese medicine which, when analyzed, seems to have very little substance.

While some would not say it outright, studies actually show that many couples would prefer to choose the gender of their children. This can be for a number of reasons. Although some couples might want to know how to conceive a baby boy so they can exert their preference to have a son due to cultural reasons, there are many more who simply want to “balance” their families.

A family of pretty little girls is wonderful, but there is something almost “at one” with nature when a family consists of both male and female children. It does not mean that you are being selfish or love your daughters any less, but as parents, it is wonderful to be able to experience the whole spectrum of parenthood.

Additionally, it is beneficial for families to consist of both sexes in order that they understand the gender differences. For example, one study indicated that boys who grow up with sisters are generally more caring individuals who seem to form better relationships. Although this is a generalization, it does seem to ring true.

On another level, if you are wanting to know how to conceive a baby boy, it is likely that you have invested a lot of emotional energy into wanting your son. Whatever your personal reasons are, you are no doubt anxious to get a little boy and you know that deep down, although you might not admit it to anyone, you would be extremely disappointed if you did not conceive a boy this time.

This really is a lifechanging time. The gender of your children will effect your life for ever. Making the choice to be proactive will mean that you are not left with that “what if” feeling. At least if you have taken all the possible steps to learn how to conceive a baby boy you will know that you have done everything in your power to influence the gender of your child.

There is one technique in particular which has an amazing success rate of 94%. This is a real “no holds barred” approach which ensures that you carefully and meticulously influence every aspect of pre-conception and the conception process in an attempt to guarantee that you have a boy. Other than that, there are other simple steps you can take, each of which will increase the odds of you conceiving a boy naturally. However, to be absolutely sure you are doing everything possible, you might like to consider the tried and tested system which has been proven to work.

How To Conceive A Baby Boy

There are many considerations which you need to bear in mind if you want to give yourself the highest chance of success. The area which you should be concentrating on include:-

  • The timing of of intercourse at the precise moment to have a boy baby
  • Pinpointing ovulation with the use of charts and ovulation predictor kits
  • Eating exactly the right diet (both you and your partner) at least a month before conception
  • Avoiding certain foodstuffs (both you and your partner)
  • Positions for intercourse
  • To orgasm or not?
  • Changing your body’s pH level to favor the conception of a boy. (If your pH is alkaline you are more likely to have your son)
  • Avoiding common mistakes

Knowing how to conceive a baby boy is a little bit like having that missing piece of the jigsaw. It could well be that certain current practices of yours and your partner’s could mean that however many children you have, you are unlikely to have a son.  To give you an example of this, it could be that your diet is based on acidic forming foods which encourage the conception of a girl. The program I recommend will dramatically increase the odds and show you exactly what to do.

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